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Enfrentar nuestros miedos más profundos requiere valor. El seguimiento para realizar cambios requiere determinación. A través de una investigación compasiva, te guío para encontrar las respuestas que ya se encuentran en lo más profundo de tu ser.


¿Estás listo para que tu vida exterior esté alineada con tus deseos interiores?  ¡Da el primer paso y reserva conmigo una sesión exploratoria gratuita de 30 minutos para obtener más información!

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¿Te preguntas cómo será una sesión conmigo? Lea lo que otros dicen en los testimonios a continuación.

Pink Sand

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Excellent job Aneika! You are just the most beautiful, open hearted, light-filled being possible. Know that about you and be aware of your healing powers. You did a great job in your work with your client - particularly you were very good at meeting the client where she is at, really listening and acknowledging that she was not ready at first session -to go deep. That created a safe space for her to be herself and release the need to appear as perfect. Good job! You were able to ask precise questions to get to the root of the inner wound of your client.

Pink Sand

Leah, Hawaii

Wow!!! and double WOW for Aneika! She answers all my questions with profound wise and personalized answers. She listens and goes straight to the point to facilitate healing, understanding and provide the support and encouragement.


I cannot thank her enough for my coaching session, her time, her heart and compassion!

She is an extension of Dr Shefali's wisdom - she studied and is 100% dedicated I felt confident that she was communicating Dr Shefali's teachings and wisdom with her warm personal touch! thank you Aneika!

Pink Sand

JB, Miami

Aneika generously offered her guidance  with life stresses being exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic and all the rapid shifts that come along with it. I was lucky to be matched to Aneika, a certified conscious coach who listened wholeheartedly and guided from a place of deep understanding and compassion. Before our conversation, she invited me to reflect on questions that helped me pinpoint the root of my stresses. When we met on zoom, the first thing I noticed was her warmth. It was easy for me to to confide in her...I felt comfortable when we spoke, as if we already knew each other. Aneika then guided me through a meditation to connect to my higher self, which provided comfort and peace. She also gave me insightful feedback and resources that I have been utilizing everyday since our talk. Needless to say, Aneika is a natural at what she does and anyone who has the opportunity to be coached by her will be glad that they did

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